Popular questions

Many people ask similar questions prior to enrolling. The following questions and answers can help you learn more about the Health and Safety Training College and our courses.
You can also contact our advisors on Freephone 0800 977 4007 or 01409 220 792 if you have any other questions or would like more information.

What qualifications can I achieve?

Our courses lead to industry recognised health and safety qualifications.
The NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work gives you a useful foundation in health and safety.
The NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is the most widely-held health and safety qualification in the UK.
The NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is an internationally recognised health and safety qualification and is aimed at those who work for global companies or work internationally.
The NEBOSH National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals is the primary qualification for health and safety practitioners.
The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction (UK) qualification is suitable for people in the construction industry.

Who are NEBOSH?

NEBOSH is the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health.
Courses at the Heath and Safety Training College lead to:

Can I gain NEBOSH qualifications?

Yes, the Health and Safety Training College only provide courses that lead to NEBOSH qualifications. You can therefore be confident that by training with us, a reputable provider, you will learn useful skills that lead to industry recognised qualifications.

Where can I take my examinations?

Examinations take place at selected times of the year. Our tutors can recommend when you should sit them.

How long does it take to complete your courses?

At the Health and Safety Training College, we aim to make training as flexible as possible.
You have the freedom to start your course as soon as you enrol, then progress at your own pace, fitting your training around any other commitments. Your progress then depends upon how much time you would like to commit to study. As a guide, many learners are able to gain:
1 Timescales are approximate and depend upon application and motivation. NEBOSH ask that you complete the units for this award within 2 years.
2 Timescales are approximate and depend upon application and motivation. NEBOSH ask that you complete the units for your chosen qualification within 5 years.
3 Timescales are approximate and depend upon application and motivation.

What payment options are available for your courses?

You can choose from two payment options:
  • Spread the cost of your course with interest free instalments4
  • or
  • Pay the total course fee in one sum
4 Your certificate will be awarded when you have successfully completed the course and payments.

How do I enrol?

There are two ways you can enrol on our health and safety courses.
  • To enrol by phone, please call Freephone 0800 977 4007 or 01409 220 792 and speak with our course advisors.
  • To enrol online, please click here

Why is there a need for people with health and safety qualifications?

The Health & Safety at Work Act demands that every organisation provides safe systems of working for their staff and that they appoint a ‘competent person’ who is responsible for health and safety.

What could I do when I qualify?

Organisations of all sizes and in all sectors could benefit from your skills and knowledge. Depending upon the qualification you gain, you could have a greater awareness of health and safety, expand your career opportunities, join an organisation or start your own health and safety consultancy.
If you choose a career specifically dedicated to health and safety, you could start on around £25,000 - £40,000, with management roles increasing to £60,000+5
This career also gives you the opportunity to work with other talented professionals and to help people. Plus, you’ll enjoy variety in your work – you could:
  • Visit businesses
  • Meet employers and employees
  • Investigate claims and gather evidence
  • Work with scientists and lawyers
5 Source: http://www.myjobsearch.com/careers/health-safety-officer.html

How can my CV reflect my new qualification?

Successfully complete one of our courses and we will give you useful advice in CV writing – to help promote the qualifications you achieve and progress your career further.

I enrolled with HSTC a while ago. Can I carry on with my course?

While we do not set deadlines for completing assignments, we do recommend to students that they complete their course and examinations within 2 years of enrolment – this is because our external awarding body, NEBOSH may review the qualifications and update the requirements when necessary.
If you have enrolled:
Within the last 2 years and still have your course materials; you are welcome to continue with your course by sending in your next assignment to us when you are ready. This will be marked by your tutor and returned to you, so you can continue with your studies as normal.
Between 2 - 5 years ago and still have access to your course materials, you may be asked to pay an additional fee if you’d like to continue with your studies. Please complete our resume course form to submit this request.
If you no longer have your course materials, you will be asked to pay an additional fee if you’d like to continue with your studies. Please complete our resume course form to submit this request.
Please note that the content and/or qualification may have changed since you enrolled to take into account new regulations or requirements; therefore your request will be reviewed in line with the rules set out by the awarding body and may not be available to resume after 2 years from your enrolment date. If the qualification is available, there may be an additional charge in order to complete your studies and we will advise you accordingly.
More than 5 years ago.
We are not usually able to accept course continuation requests unless they are under exceptional circumstances, you may wish to re-enrol or complete our resume course form in order to provide further details for your request to be reviewed.

My circumstances have changed since I enrolled and I am struggling financially, can you help?

We pride ourselves on providing courses that allow flexibility in learning and allow our students to study in their own time and at their own pace to fit in with their commitments in life.
In the event that your circumstances change after enrolment we are here to help and invite you to contact a member of our team to discuss the options available.
In many cases we are able to offer reduced/affordable payments which will allow you to continue with your studies (in line with the payments you make) until such time as your circumstances change.
For more complicated situations you may speak with the Student Liaison Officer who will work with you to find a solution.

Payment Advice

I would like to clear my balance / would like to update the card used for payments / have got behind on my payments, is there a way I can pay this directly?

For ease, we have created a dedicated secure payment link which allows you to make a card payment towards your course at any time.
If you’d like to clear your balance or update your card with us, please refer to your enrolment confirmation for details of the payments due on your course and then visit our payment page to make a payment. If updating your card, you may select for the details to be saved for future payments.
If you’re behind on your payments, please don’t worry, we’re here to help and will be happy to help get you back on track. Please refer to any communications you have received from us with details of the payments due and visit our payment page to make a payment.

Can I cancel my course and receive a refund?

Yes, in line with the terms and conditions of enrolment you have 14 days from receipt of your materials to decide if the course is suitable for you; if the course is not suited to you, please return the materials you have received in good and perfect order to the address indicated on your paperwork within 14 days, we recommend that you return the materials using a recorded/trackable service.

I have been enrolled for longer than 14 days and have decided that I no longer wish to complete my course. I would like to cancel my enrolment, how can I do this?

If you have elected to pay by HSTC Instalment plan, you may terminate your participation on the course at any time by giving 2 months’ notice in writing via our cancellation request form. In line with the terms and conditions of enrolment, any outstanding payments plus any due during the notice period will be payable.
If you have elected to pay by third party finance, the agreement is binding and no cancellation can be processed after 14 days from enrolment. If you are having difficulties in meeting the required terms of your finance agreement, please do get in touch with Deko on 0800 294 5891 as we are aware that they have options available to assist with financial difficulty, such as a payment holiday and flexible payment arrangements. We suggest that you contact them directly for further assistance regarding this and we are assured that they will be happy to help as they have with other students.
Only in exceptional circumstances will cancellation of the agreement be considered and supporting evidence will be required, you can outline your request via our cancellation request form.